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Features that go far beyond a simple chatbot

We are hotel experts – what makes all the difference to create an incredible service experience for millions of travelers. Check below some features we can provide to your hotel to assist travelers with more effectiveness, intelligence, and a better performance:


The reservation assistant is available in the main communication channels: website chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and E-mail.

Natural language

An intelligent digital assistant that understands open questions, slang and expressions. And if you don’t feel like typing, you can just click.


Our digital assistant is able to answer countless users at the same time, with no waiting line.


Answer visitor's automatically in over 40 languages.

Our consultants will show you how to boost your direct bookings

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100+ booking engines already integrated

With your booking engine integrated, your clients will be able to get a room quote directly on the chat in multiple channels. And the chatbot will NEVER forget to lead and teach your guests to ALWAYS make a direct booking.

Suggestions for next available dates

Isn’t there any room available for the period the traveler has chosen? Don´t miss your sale for this. The chatbot can suggest the next available dates automatically, in case the hotel is fully booked on the required date.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Asksuite platform operates on Amazon Web Services(AWS) and leverages Amazon's security to provide a fully scalable and secure solution. See
The system has a comprehensive reporting tool, so you'll know immediately, if you are getting more direct bookings through the AI Reservations Assistant, exactly how many and what value! You'll be surprised at the return on Investment (ROI). Some of our customers have had an ROI after 48 hours!
We don't think you will, but if for some reason you do, we offer a "no quibble" cancellation option with 30 day's notice.
Absolutely, we even have over 100 integrations with booking engines, "out of the box" and if we don't integrate with yours, we'll build a custom integration.
We will provide complete training to your staff on the operation and management of the platform. And if you are too busy, we provide a number of managed serviced options, where we can manage the platform for you.
No, we do all the heavy lifting and literally might need one hour of your website team's time!

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