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Since 1989, we have worked with some of the world’s most prestigious companies and gained a deep understanding of customer needs. These valuable insights enabled us to build a methodology for successful digital transformation.

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Your challenges are our focus. We have created custom solutions for various brands in different verticals to assist with tasks as diverse as student onboarding, food and drink orders, product help, and event ticketing. Whether you’re a well-known tourist attraction in a bustling city, an entertainment site, or a sports club looking to integrate super-fast VIP offers or point of sale processes, we enable you to create a smooth customer experience with every interaction. With customisable chatbot features, you can enhance your brand while building a base of customer insights. Achieve operational excellence today and stay ahead of the game.

Better bots, better results!

Our customers have a 50% containment rate.

  • Interact with consumers in their channel of choice, guiding them through their journey with automation, chat engagements, or rich interactive greetings.
  • Efficient customer service at your fingertips. Stobee looks at your current issues and highlights how to streamline your services, thereby avoiding escalations and reducing unnecessary contacts.
  • Data is everything! Track how your team is performing with detailed reports, support your chat agents in real-time and adjust your team member’s shifts so they can be available and responsive during peak hours.
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Communication Channels

Create the overall customer experience that highlights your branding and set up each messaging channel with bots and automation. Web messaging, app messaging, SMS and Facebook are just a few possible channels we can integrate.

AI Bots & Automation

True innovators are leading the way in customer experience through AI and conversational commerce. Predict what steps your customers will take through assessing consumer intent and conversational context.

Reporting & Data

Our platform’s capabilities thrive on data to further your customer engagements and better understand their needs. Review all your historical data on one interactive dashboard, monitor call centre communications and improve campaigns with real-time data.


Your data is of the utmost importance to us, so keeping it safe in the event of a disaster is critical. Information exchanged between agents and your customers are tightly secured, allowing your customers to exchange data safely.


Be where your customers are. With Stobee integrations, no digital communication channel is off-limits. Choose from an array of applications to connect with your customers in real-time.


Be where your customers are. With Stobee integrations, no digital communication channel is off-limits. Choose from an array of CRM, ticketing, EPOS applications to connect with your customers in real-time.

What our customers say

We enjoy working with the Stobee team on growing our conversational AI solutions to ensure City Wonders tours retain our title as the top tour provider in the world.

City Wonders
Sean Ryan, CFO

The Stobee team were a pleasure to work with, bringing expertise in conversational AI deployment, and at all times were flexible and goal-oriented, as well as fun to work with!

Legoland Windsor
Legoland Digital Team

We designed built and deployed 26 chatbots on our digital estate, in record time! These bots answered 100,000’s FAQ’s, enabling our staff to deal with more complex issues.

Merlin Entertainments
Richard Iriving, Digital Lead


Chatbots in Education

Chatbots: Your Personal Guides and Companions

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