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Transforming visitors into loyal patrons and patrons into passionate advocates is our goal. As cash diminishes in popularity and contactless transactions take the lead, embracing this shift is key. To captivate your audience without being intrusive, a smooth pathway through your offerings is crucial. Ensuring top-notch security in payments is paramount. Elevate your attraction with personalized self-service options powered by interactive chatbots, boosting your revenue to new heights

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Attracting visitors can bring staffing challenges, especially handling the surge in reservation-related inquiries. Our insights reveal that half of hotel inquiries involve reservations—be it changes, FAQ’s, or discount queries. If your staff is stretched thin, incorporating a chatbot proves highly efficient and cost-effective. Our track record shows we’ve successfully managed 53% of over 200,000 queries for our clients, making it a savvy solution for your properties needs.

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We enjoy working with the Stobee team on growing our conversational AI solutions to ensure City Wonders tours retain our title as the top tour provider in the world.

City Wonders , Sean Ryan, CFO

The Stobee team were a pleasure to work with, bringing expertise in conversational AI deployment, and at all times were flexible and goal-oriented, as well as fun to work with!

Legoland Windsor , Legoland Digital Team

We designed built and deployed 26 chatbots on our digital estate, in record time! These bots answered 100,000’s FAQ’s, enabling our staff to deal with more complex issues.

Merlin Entertainments , Richard Iriving, Digital Lead

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