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Free up your reservation team

When high season hits, your agents are inundated with consumer queries. Our chatbot not only takes care of repetitive inquiries, but it qualifies leads, so your team can focus on finalizing deals.

27/7 AI reservation agent

Avoid losing reservations as a result of service issues or outside business hours by utilizing our AI-powered chatbot. It operates 24/7 on your primary communication channels, automatically responding to repetitive questions and ensuring seamless customer interactions. 

Instant price quotes

Integrate with 200+ booking engines to provide real-time quotes. Travelers can easily access information on room options, availability, and compare prices across various channels.

Human intervention

Agents can intervene and assist travelers at any point by configuring routing rules. This grants reservation teams the complete freedom to manage and support potential guests according to their capacity.

Our Clients

Becoming an AI powered Hotelier

For people on the go

Give your guests the smoothest service experience from reservation to check out. With our platform, hotels merge all touchpoints across different channels into one single chat history.

Around-the-clock service

Establish your service plan by defining the operational hours for both AI and human agents on each service channel. Alternatively, maintain the AI chatbot online 24/7 to guarantee prompt responses, with a seamless transition to your reservation agents when needed.

Get a room

Compose comprehensive proposals with room descriptions, photos, and rates without leaving the inbox. We can connect with 200+ booking engines, so bot agents access real-time availability and send quotes in seconds.

What clients say

We enjoy working with the Stobee team on growing our conversational AI solutions to ensure City Wonders tours retain our title as the top tour provider in the world.

City Wonders, Sean Ryan, CFO

The Stobee team were a pleasure to work with, bringing expertise in conversational AI deployment, and at all times were flexible and goal-oriented, as well as fun to work with!

Legoland Windsor, Legoland Digital Team

We designed built and deployed 26 chatbots on our digital estate, in record time! These bots answered 100,000’s FAQ’s, enabling our staff to deal with more complex issues.

Merlin Entertainments, Richard Iriving, Digital Lead

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