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Smarter Shopping

From shoppers to fans

A great experience builds excellent loyalty. Craft meaningful conversations around your customers’ shopping journey that will keep them coming back time and time again.

Retail revolutionised

Achieve up to 75% containment for your shoppers’ most common questions. Our chatbots can take the load off your team by resolving common questions—without sacrificing customer experience.

Painless purchases

Avoid abandoned shopping carts by utilising chatbots and digital engagement at pain points on the buying journey. Use proactive engagements to start conversations to upsell or cross-sell and boost average order value.

Dynamic digital shopfront

Showcase stock using rich media and dynamic interactive carousels that enable consumers to shop at their leisure effortlessly. We send messages that keep customers returning to fill their shopping carts using the tools we provide.

Our Clients

Serve your customers in an instant.

Deep dive into intent analysis

Understanding customer intents has allowed the development of AI chatbots to evolve to what we see in retail today. This technology means we can understand your consumers’ wants and needs. This helps us, help you, help them!

Build brand loyalty

Customer loyalty is vital. Proactive connections can suggest discount codes and special offers to your familiar consumers

By enabling popular messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS, you can allow your guests to communicate their more pressing questions and let technology do the work for you.

Shop secure

Our tools allow you to handle the entire shopping experience in one secure interface from product choice to checkout. In addition, our integrations ensure all sensitive data is fully encrypted.

What clients say

We enjoy working with the Stobee team on growing our conversational AI solutions to ensure City Wonders tours retain our title as the top tour provider in the world.

City Wonders, Sean Ryan, CFO

The Stobee team were a pleasure to work with, bringing expertise in conversational AI deployment, and at all times were flexible and goal-oriented, as well as fun to work with!

Legoland Windsor, Legoland Digital Team

We designed built and deployed 26 chatbots on our digital estate, in record time! These bots answered 100,000’s FAQ’s, enabling our staff to deal with more complex issues.

Merlin Entertainments, Richard Iriving, Digital Lead

Solve 50% of customer questions. Instantly!

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