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Grade 'AI'

Enhance student digital experience

Today’s students are digital natives. So we develop interactive AI messaging that responds to pressing registration questions, timetable issues, and other FAQs to cater to their needs. 

Reactive Registrations

Help and guide potential new students to register for further courses using automation and digital channels such as Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp and more.

Reduce repetitive conversations

Use a Bot to answer these frequently asked questions. As a result, containment rates can reach upwards of 75%, saving agent time and reducing your cost to serve.

System integrations

Use our APIs to integrate our chatbot solutions with various applications to make it easy for your students to access course information such as timetables and course content.

Our Clients

Everyone can be a high achiever

Advance your admissions

Take advantage of conversational technology to boost your yearly admissions. Send meaningful messages at the right time to support potential students in their applications, thereby reducing their stress and your admin staff workload.

Educational advice at your fingertips

By engaging students in their preferred messaging channels, you can provide vital information in all aspects of their college life.

24/7 Service

Information can be available to your students 24/7. If their enquiries are complex or out of hours, the Bot can gather information and pass it to the relevant department for follow up. The Bot can also help collect information for potential leads from new students.

What clients say

We enjoy working with the Stobee team on growing our conversational AI solutions to ensure City Wonders tours retain our title as the top tour provider in the world.

City Wonders, Sean Ryan, CFO

The Stobee team were a pleasure to work with, bringing expertise in conversational AI deployment, and at all times were flexible and goal-oriented, as well as fun to work with!

Legoland Windsor, Legoland Digital Team

We designed built and deployed 26 chatbots on our digital estate, in record time! These bots answered 100,000’s FAQ’s, enabling our staff to deal with more complex issues.

Merlin Entertainments, Richard Iriving, Digital Lead

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