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Most business websites have a contact button, usually positioned on the bottom right corner of the page. Customers can use this option to enquire about the products, services, or other details about the business. 

If you have a contact option, you need to figure out whether you really want customers to reach out to you. This is because some sites simply lead you to a contact form or a telephone number, which can rarely motivate people to get in touch with your agents. Customers may be discouraged to reach out since these options take more time and effort to use. 

Also, forms and telephone support can be very slow. Once the customers fill out the forms, they will usually have to wait about 24 hours to get a response. Telephone support can equally be inconvenient since customers are likely to be led to IVRs, where they will have to stay in a queue and wait for an agent. 

These reasons can discourage customers from reaching out to you. As a result, you can end up losing out on their business. 

So, what’s the alternative? 

If you’ve noticed that forms and telephone support do not generate leads, then you need to consider using AI chatbots. These are automated real-time conversational tools that can actively engage customers. They can also initiate conversations with visitors to your website. Since they offer instant responses, they are a lot more engaging compared to forms and telephone customer support. 

As a business owner, you need to understand that conversational AI bots come in different qualities. If the AI customer service bots are built by professionals like Stobee, they will be able to understand the queries and offer relevant answers. They offer canned responses that are rich with useful information. 

AI chatbots are meant to be used alongside actual human agents. If all your agents are busy, the customers will automatically get routed to the live chat AI bots. This kind of automation makes it easier for companies to offer 24/7 customer support. 

Since your visitors will no longer need to wait hours to get responses, you will have a better chance of converting them to customers. This is especially important for companies that target international clients. With 24/7 customer support, customers from all sections of the world will be able to access your support team when they visit your site. 

Another key benefit of using automated customer service is that your visitors will be able to communicate in their preferred language. 

Live Chat Messaging Channels 

Forms and telephone options can significantly limit your communication channels. Stobee can install the chatbots for WhatsApp messaging, Facebook, SMS chats, Twitter, Instagram, and even email. The machines can even send targeted messages to specific customers and potential customers. 

Are Chatbots Supposed to Replace Forms? 

It is clear that chatbots are a lot better than forms, particularly because they are more personal and interactive. On the other hand, forms can come across as tedious, slow, and cold. Users will also occasionally experience errors when they complete the forms, and this can force them to fill out the form again. This can never happen with automated chatbots as any unclear issues can be addressed instantly

While the advantages of chatbots are plenty, lots of businesspeople still wonder whether they should entirely get rid of the forms and replace them with bots. 

It is important to note that bots can perfectly replace many types of forms. These include

  • Contact forms
  • Order forms that have preset choices 
  • Surveys and quizzes
  • Feedback forms

Other types of forms can be used alongside AI solutions. 

Customers don’t need to believe that the bots are real people so they use them. In fact, lots of people prefer talking to bots since they can end the conversation at any time without worrying about politeness. At the end of the day, AI developed by Stobee will be able to provide useful responses and can figure out the context of the conversations.

Do You Really Want Customers to Contact You?

To sum up, if you really want customers to contact you when they visit your site, you need to add a web chat AI bot. Telephone support and forms can strongly discourage visitors from making enquiries as the responses will be delayed. AI solutions developed by Stobee are very high in quality and can understand the context of the queries.

You can contact Stobee for demos of chatbots for entertainment. 


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